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Helping Hand's Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

To provide services and support that allow our clients to remain as independent as possible in their homes or residences while enabling a quality of life for our clients and their families which cannot be achieved on their own.

Vision Statement

Helping Hands will be viewed by clients and families, by healthcare partners, by community partners and by senior living communities as the standard for quality home care services in the Southeast Idaho area.
Helping Hands will continue to invest in technology, programs and personnel which will help meet the challenges of change that lie ahead in caring for our senior population.
Helping Hands will maintain a solid financial picture enabling the organization to invest in its employees, making Helping Hands a preferred place to work and serve.


Invest in your employees and they will take care of your clients

Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with each employee and client we serve


Responsiveness to our employees and clients needs are our top priority


Professionalism should be the norm in every exchange with employees and clients


Integrity is at the center of everything we do for employees and clients


We place a high value on team work with employees, with referral sources and with the clients and families we serve

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